Steve Yett's seemingly endless masterful solutions on difficult sites  are underscored by his fluid and unique approach to architecture.  His work displays both the impetus of isotropic static order at the  same time, juxtaposing topological composition. All the while  propagating the dynamic interplay of contrasting elements. When  asked about this paradox of architectural development, he pauses  for a moment. It wasn't fully clear if he was gathering his thoughts or  listening to a guitar riff on the stereo;
"…It's like anything else in life, once you  have your priorities straight, everything  else falls into place."
Regarding the elements of stylistic adaptations of his projects' motifs and their calculated elegance  he states;
"I think Louis Armstrong said it best - 'there are only two types of music -  Good and bad.' The same goes for architecture"
Regardless of his singularly simplistic verbal explanations, the message of his work boldly and  seamlessly displays total exploration of building methodology and construction techniques  harmoniously combining all the elements of composition and materials into something so unusual, so  dynamic, that it bears the unmistakable stamp of Steve Yett no matter what the actual style of the  project.