Steve Yett ended up working for Mike  Barsocchini for roughly thirteen years.  My moonlighting work was at the point  where I had more projects going on for  myself than the projects I was doing for  Mike. I gave Mike notice. Mike told me ‘I need a year.’ I was expecting him to ask  me to stay on for a month or two tops.  Even more surprising; I agreed. I finally  ended up being so busy with my own  projects, that I just stopped coming into  Mike’s office. I have no idea what day  that was – it was well after a year. It  wasn’t until Mike’s son, Nick called me  and told me that they emptied my desk  and put all my stuff in a box for me to  pick up.”
Mike Barsocchini completed his internship under Lloyd Wright, so Mike’s own work was steeped in the Wrightian tradition.  Quoting from Mike Barsocchini’s own website; “…blending a residence into the natural terrain of the land, and of using the  forms in nature as a design source…. The ideal house compliments it’s building site, takes advantage of views, ventilates  naturally, uses minimum energy and develops architectural spaces with a human scale and has a timeless quality.” By the time that Steve Yett started working for Mike Barsocchini, Mike had already established himself as one of the  premier Malibu Architects with a very impressive portfolio. Steve Yett learned a lot from Mike Barsocchini. Steve Yett was  the project architect on all of the projects shown on this page.