The client had approvals for a Mediterranean residence designed by another architect.  The market had  shifted so that now modern residences were commanding higher prices than Mediterraneans and he  wanted to change the design to a warm-feeling modern.  He had hired a second architect to revise the  original plans.  While that architect came up with a satisfactory design, it was very apparent that it was  not a “like-for-like” design that could be easily re-approved by the City’s Planning and Building  Departments without all new hearings and approvals. Enter Steve Yett, with his problem solving skill set; he took elements of both designs, combining the  stronger elements of both in such a way that the revised project was reapproved by the City in one of it’s easiest approval procedures: the “Substantial Conformance” review.  The whole project was reapproved  relatively painlessly with minimal review, saving significant time and money. “The trick was changing the house from a compartmentalized, small-windowed Mediterranean to an  open and free-flowing modern floor plan with large expanses of glass to take in the amazing ocean view  all-the-while not changing the building footprint in order to keep all of the discretionary approvals active.”