“You end up shooting the breeze with people in the building  department while you are waiting to get various government  agency approvals.”  Steve Yett continues;  “I met this  extremely arrogant architect back in the late 80’s who was  bragging to me about this renovation that he was doing to  this office building.  He was incredibly arrogant - the way he  was talking you would’ve thought he was every bit as  talented as Frank Lloyd Wright himself.   I couldn’t place the building he was talking about in our conversation.  A few  days later I drove past the building.  I started laughing so  hard that I almost crashed my car.  Granted this building  needed to be updated....  But this architect had renovated it  using every chachkie post-modern detail at his disposal.”  “Twenty years later, my client, the new owner, tells me that  they want to do a cosmetic remodel.  They had the  rendering of how the building looked in the 70’s, and  wanted to restore it to that look, but updating it more for the  tastes of the new Millennium.  Of course that entailed  removing all of the post-modern detailing that the previous  architect had added. Regardless of the schadenfreude  design motives, I think we did a very nice job.”