This was the first new residence that Steve Yett designed under his own license.  Like most of his  designs to come, the floor plan blends seamlessly with the topographic contours.  The client requested a circular living room.  A request that Steve Yett jumped at the chance.  Circular elements appear in much of his work. “Circular rooms are considerably more expensive than rectangular rooms, so I don’t add them to a floor  plan unless there is a significant benefit.  In the case of this house, I used it as a hinge between the two  wings of the house.” 
“To save money, the client built the house herself.  The only real mistake that I know of her making  was hiring a grading contractor that was moonlighting from his day job.  Which meant that he only  worked on weekends. This working situation was further complicated by the project civil engineer  not working weekends to meet with the grader to inspect his work.  With this lack of communication, the grader ended up somehow grading too much.  In the end, the client hired the grader that I  originally suggested to her to complete the project. So a grading job that should’ve only taken a  week or two took a couple of months.  She learned from this experience, and I never saw her make another misstep afterwards.”