A while back, the counter  technician at the County  Building + Safety Office  gave me the approved, but  now-expired set of plans to  this project.  He told me  that it seemed wrong to just  throw the plans away.  That  it seemed more like art  than just a standard set of  house plans.  I took that as  a distinct honor that the  counter technician  acknowledged my effort - I  didn’t even think that they  looked at the plans in their  files.  And what’s more was  he held on to them for  several months until I came back in.
“The client told me that they’d  interviewed Marmol + Radziner for the  commission, which indicated that they  were interested in doing a project of  architectural significance.  The client  was a young creative couple; as such,  they  let me have a lot of artistic  freedom.” The client became so caught up in the  spirit of the project, that they even  enlisted Robin Poirier to build it.   Robin is the only contractor to have  built both John Lautner and Bart  Prince projects.  The client created their own website  dedicated to the project :