This was a quaint little 50’s ranch house that needed some updating.  The original floor plan was  somewhat generic and did not fully take advantage of the spectacular views specific to the site.  All of the bedrooms were the same size and all of the bathrooms were comparable. There wasn’t a clear  differention between any of them to suggest that any one bedroom was a Master Suite.
“The main thing we tried to achieve with  this remodel was to open up the front of  the house to the new deck that we  created on the ocean side, giving the  house more of an indoor/outdoor living  experience.”  All of the bathrooms and the kitchen  were remodelled as well.  It really wasn’t  clear which bedroom was meant to be  the Master previously.  That was all  remedied with this remodel.  “One of my design strengths is working  with angled plan elements.  I was able to  re-work the bedroom in the corner which  happened to have the best ocean view,  but wasn’t taking any advantage of the  view.  We gave it a much larger, private  bathroom and wardrobe. and there’s no  mistaking which bedroom is the Master  now!”