“This site has a 360° view from a promontory high  above most of the peaks in the Santa Monica  Mountains.  From this location, you can see  Channel Islands that you didn’t know existed.  On  a clear night, from the opposite direction, you can  even see the faint glow of the lights from the  Luxor in Las Vegas.” 
The client presented Steve Yett with a generic house plan book; the kind that you find in the check-out  line in the supermarket.  They asked him to copy one of those plans.  Fortunately, they wanted a single  story residence, and the house they liked in the book was two story that couldn’t be converted to single  story.  They also wanted a courtyard for their pet parrot, and none of the houses in the book had such a  courtyard.
“At one point the husband, who also built the  house asked me to give it one singular shed  roof; telling me that the flashing details would  be easier, and the roof would be less likely to  leak.  I was intrigued.  I wanted to see how  that would look.  But before I even took a  stab at it, his wife realized that it would make  the house look more modern, and she didn’t  want a modern house.”