The client originally hired a famous-name  designer to do an addition to this house.  The  client themselves realized that the roof as  designed would not possibly shed water  correctly.  They lost confidence in the original  design when they confronted the designer about the roof and were told that “The roofer will figure it out in the field.” The client then hired Steve Yett to come up with  a design that worked, having already purchased all of the custom doors and windows per the  original design.  Steve Yett’s design looked  nothing like the original design, but the door and window schedules were identical. “The existing house was a simple 50’s ranch  style house.  The client kept showing me  pictures of marvellous 10,000 - 20,000 square  foot French Chateaus.  I had to keep reminding  the client that we were on a pretty tight budget,  and what the end result would turn out like was  probably more like the caretakers quarters for  those houses.”   “There were a few times that the husband  wanted to scrap the project.  The wife had  neglected to tell him that she had already  purchased the $100,000 plus custom doors and  windows based on the original design, and that  they were sitting in a warehouse waiting to be  installed.  The wife managed to quell the  husband’s concerns every time he suggested  that they shouldn’t proceed with the project.”  “Their business required them to work early  mornings which meant that they would be home  sleeping by early afternoon.  I try to dissuade all  of my clients from living in the house during a  remodel, but especially given these  cirumstances....”  Steve Yett pauses for a  moment, shaking his head...  “The husband  went searching for a rental house to stay in  during construction.  He found a modern house  that he liked...  He liked it enough that instead of  leasing it, he just flat out entered into escrow to  purchase it, without even consulting his wife.  It  was only then that she finally told him that she  had already purchased all the doors and  windows for the addition, and that they were  sitting in the warehouse waiting to be installed.”