“I knew these clients were going to be fun to work with when they handed me a copy of The Goonies   and told me that watching it was my first homework assignment.”  This was an addition to small ranch house.  The client wanted to keep most of the existing house in tact, but add a large four car garage underneath the bulk of the house and add a large round library tower  that would serve as the entrance. “They wanted the tower to look like we had salvaged a water tank from a farm, and have floor to ceiling  books complete with a hanging library ladder.”  Steve Yett pauses a minute and scratches his head; “I  found this particularly curious because they admitted that they weren’t particularly avid readers, and that  as it was, most of the books would need to be purchased.” 
The client wanted to have a wall behind the pool where they could hide their motorhome.  Steve Yett took advantage of this request by placing his idea of a Luis Barragán-inspired waterfall behind the pool that  connected to the pool bath.