This remodel was completed during Malibu’s 2001 - 2004  defacto moratorium.  No additional floor area could be  added, so most of what was completed on this project was cosmetic.  The existing house suffered from a lack of  aesthetic cohesion due to a series of disjointed earlier  additions.  The original house also lacked a sense of entry.  Steve Yett’s elegant solution to this was to remove the  section of portico that was covering the front door and  install a much taller, luxurious front door which then  became possible with the removal of the section of portico.  The entry gate was then placed on axis with the front door.
The client brought an interior designer  onto the team early on.  The interior  designer drew up her plan, and then  went away on a cruise for a month.  The client asked Steve Yett what he  thought of the plan.  “I told the client  that it wasn’t what I would’ve done,  but I could see how a lot of people  would find it appealing.  And that  obviously she brought the interior  designer on board because she had  seen something that the designer did  that she liked, and thought would be  appropriate for this house.”  “ I don’t like it.  What would you do?” “That’s not fair.  She isn’t here to  explain her concept.” Steve Yett  responded, trying to be a team  player. “Draw me what you would do.  I’m  curious.  Obviously you’re going to  come at it completely different.” The interior designer had a couple of  cités in the Master Bathroom. “Not one mind you, but two...  And it  wasn’t that large a bathroom.  I  asked the client if she or her husband  sat when they got dressed.  She said  ‘no.’    Did  they  like  to  converse  with  
others while bathing?  “No.”  I couldn’t figure out a good reason for having two cités in the bathroom -  well other than for visual flair, and maybe the interior designer to get a larger sales commission.  I  decided that it made more sense to make a larger shower.  I drew something up - it wasn’t the final  design mind you, but the client liked it enough that I ended up helping with the interiors as well.”