The existing wood siding needed to be replaced.   Being in a high fire zone, the client wanted to replace it with stucco. The client was a very creative family that collaborated  on projects together. “They wanted the house to have a high-end artist loft  feel that would reinforce their enormous creative  energy.  Part of the way we did this was by carving out  a double-height volume for the main living space and  opening the existing hallway to the new space below,  making it feel more like a bridge than a hallway.”
“We spent a considerable amount of time coming up with a design for the the new main stair tying it in  with the new bridge.  We wanted it to feel both elegant and industrial at the same time.  Ideally we  wanted the steel stringers to be the only support.  But working in tandem with the steel fabricator and the  project structural engineer, we ended up needing to have one support column under the landing.  The  stair and bridge became the main architectural focal point of the house.” 
This was an addition/remodel to a house originally  designed by esteemed local architect Vito Cetta. “I previously did an addition to Vito Cetta’s  daughter’s house a few years prior to this project,  that was based on some sketches that he had  done.  He had retired and moved back East - that’s  why he didn’t do the project himself.  Anyhow, this  gave me the opportunity to talk with Vito over the  phone on several ocassions to discuss the design  for his daughter’s house.  I became rather fond of  him, so I really didn’t want to be insensitive to his  original design on this property.  Not to mention that  it was a very solid, well thought out design to begin  with.”