The existing residence was a shoebox with a very  meek entrance. “The first time that I went to meet the client, I had  a hard time finding the front door.  Oddly enough,  it was seemingly on the rear of the house.”  The addition to the house employed a series of  terraces on different levels leading up to the new  entrance on the upper floor adjacent to the  existing kitchen.
This was the first project that Steve Yett fully utilized computerization.  His girlfriend was in the hospital  and he was able to sit by her side while working on the addition on his laptop, which obviously he  wouldn’t be able to do if he hand-drew the project. The then-newly advanced technology provided additional benefit when the planchecker didn’t understand the design.  Steve Yett brought in his laptop and presented him with a fly-through movie. “The planchecker was so impressed that he signed off on the plans immediately.  He said that no one  had ever brought him a movie - not even for a shopping center - let alone a 400 square foot addition.”